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The LOVE BLAST & Freak Flag are multi-disciplinary human|artist|renegade Kathleen Smith’s newsletter, and her podcast, all in one!

Freak Flag is the podcast where Kath chats with leaders, healers, entrepreneurs, artists, etc.—i.e. “super cool people doing super cool stuff”—about life, creativity, spirituality, music, magic, medicine, and how f*ing important it is for all of us to fly our freak flags boldly, especially in these times.

Episodes are released in their own time ( monthly-ish, more, less, it all depends) here on Substack & wherever you get your podcasts.

Hi—it’s me, Kathleen! I believe that the world we all want to live in is created when each and every one of us embraces the unique, special, magical medicine only WE can share. I believe we ALL have potent medicine for the times we find ourselves in, and I believe it resides firmly in our Freak Flags. I have fires of passion for supporting people’s soul expression and helping to midwife an entire planet of gorgeous, mutli-colored, multi-dimensional Freak Flags BILLOWING in the beautiful wind!!!! *THAT* is the world I want to live in. YESSSS!

P.S. Part of *my* Freak Flag is that I am quite generally PUNK & UNCATEGORIZEABLE. I write and sing songs, create & teach healing modalities, masquerade as a music supervisor, produce audiobooks, produce events, write books, teach courses, E T C. This used to stress me out because I thought I had to be ONE THING and one thing only. But, voila—now that I’m forty, I give exactly zero fucks about how I “should” be and instead put my energy into what I want to create. Which is a million things.”

You can listen to the pilot episode below to get a vibe:

the love blast from kathleen smith!
hello world--it's me, kathleen | WTF IS FREAK FLAG & WHO TF IS KATHLEEN
Listen now (17 min) | Hello world—it’s me, Kathleen, and this is my podcast FREAK FLAG. I made the first and second episodes in a few hours today, so VOILA — here they are. Also, you Love Blast subscribers may notice this is a different format than usual—I have switched from MailChimp to Substack due to the super easy audio capabalities and chill UI, so LET’S SEE IF THIS WORKS…
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The other thing here, the LOVE BLAST, is the Kathleenmusic newsletter! As a renegade|musician|artist|person who thinks things and likes to make things and talk about things, evolving human etc, Kath also needs an efficient way to tell YOU—someone who cares—ALL THE THINGS going on in the Kathleeniverse.

Ya know—things like “new music video is up—here!” OR “new episode of the pod is up: here!” OR “new song up: here!” OR “going on tour—these are the dates!” E T C u get the pictah.

The LOVE BLAST comes out, at maximum, 2x per month, but|and has also been known to sometimes come out ONCE per year.

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